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The pop world is rejoicing. Shrouded in suspense, Madonna will launch this Wednesday (9), in Montreal, Canada, her latest world tour, the Rebel Heart Tour, promoting the album she released in March. Over the course of the past three decades, the singer has become an expert in this type of mega event that combines music, theater, video, dance, fashion, visual arts and, obviously, controversy.


Although her previous albums were marred by leaks from hackers and by the popularity of her younger competitors such as Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga and Beyoncé, on stage Madonna is still unbeatable.

According to Billboard magazine, the MDNA Tour, her last tour, was the most profitable of 2012, grossing US$305 million.


This multimedia special celebrates the popstar’s 30 years on stage. Looking back on the styles and performances that have become seminal, see why Madonna’s concerts represent the essence of pop culture and an important part of its legacy.

The singer launches the 10th tour in her 30-year career. Check out the special report by Folha with everything you need to know about the popstar’s concerts.


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Madonna’s new world tour will include concerts in the United States and Europe and countries where the singer has never played before, such as Philippines. To date, no plans have been released to include Brazil on the tour itinerary.





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"Rebel Heart" (2015)



The pop queen did not earn this title by chance. Check out in this top 10 list some of the most memorable performances from each of her tours and a preview of what we can expect from the Rebel Heart Tour.



“American Life”

Re-Invention Tour (2004)

At the peak of her mystical and political period, the singer reinvents herself as a war general and sings the title track of her latest album in a battle scene complete with soldiers and religious figures, attacks against former president Bush, plus a suspended bridge that carries her out to the audience.

“La Isla Bonita”

Sticky and Sweet Tour (2008)


“La Isla Bonita” is one of the songs most performed by Madonna on all her tours, and here she demonstrates the longevity of the track with the help of violins, Gogol Bordello and a gypsy tent atmosphere recreated on stage.


“Open Your Heart”

Who's That Girl Tour (1987)


In the opening performance of her first world tour, Madonna starts the concert appearing only in silhouette before recreating the climate and narrative of the video of “Open Your Heart”, including paintings by Tamara de Lempicka projected on the screen.


Drowned World Tour (2001)


After eight years without touring, Madonna returns to the stage focusing on her more recent repertoire. She ended the concert with “Music”, her most brilliant song of the 2000s, in a festive atmosphere with a sample of Kraftwerk and wearing a “Mother / Fucker” T-shirt.

“Into the Groove”

The Virgin Tour (1985)


Accompanied by just two dancers and a tambourine, on her first tour Madonna already demonstrates a stage presence and charisma, especially in this performance of one of her best songs of the eighties.


“Hung Up”

Confessions Tour (2006)


One of the best endings of any of the singer’s tours. Against a seventies disco backdrop, dressed only in a bodysuit and dancing on top of a boombox, Madonna ends the concert by encouraging the audience to sing along to the hit that took the world by storm with the help of ABBA.



MDNA Tour (2012)


Any performance of “Vogue” will always be spectacular, but here Madonna outdoes herself, using not only incredible projections by the Moment Factory group, but also choreography inspired by the voguing of House of Ninja and an updated version of the classic cone bra from the Blond Ambition Tour.


“Express Yourself”

 The Girlie Show (1993)


In her most theatrical tour, Madonna created a segment inspired by seventies hedonism and appeared on stage seated on a giant mirror ball and dressed in a hippie costume with an afro wig, accompanied by her ever-present backing vocals of the time.


“Like a Virgin”

Blond Ambition Tour (1990)


The velvet bed, the androgynous dancers, the cone corset by Gaultier and the simulated masturbation that almost got Madonna arrested in Canada and excommunicated in Italy. It doesn’t get any more classic than this.




Hardly any information has leaked and Madonna successfully managed to withhold until the day of the concert the surprises that were prepared during long months of rehearsal. The speculation ranges from the choice of the set list to the themes chosen for the “acts” into which the concerts are divided – a characteristic of all her tours. In addition to the traditional combination of themes such as sex and religion, the projections developed by the Canadian group Moment Factory and a segment inspired by the work of Frida Kahlo, the singer’s muse, promise to be some of the most interesting elements of the performances.




On the Rebel Heart Tour, Madonna and her troupe will wear outfits designed by Gucci, Moschino, Miu Miu and Swarovski, as well as costumes by Alexander Wang, Fausto Puglisi and Nicolas Jebran. But things weren’t always like this. On her first tour, the singer’s simple outfits and the tinkling accessories were designed by the legendary stylist Maripol and by the costume designer Marlene Stewart, who was also responsible for the outfits for Madonna’s next tour and for many of her music videos in the eighties. In 1990, on the Blond Ambition Tour, the singer worked with the French designer Jean Paul Gaultier, who opened the door for her to the world of haute couture. The stylist Arianne Phillips took over control of the designs for the past few tours.


Madonna mixes  Lady Gaga's "Born This Way", with "Express Yourself" on MDNA Tour.


It’s become something of a tradition: Madonna always includes at least one cover or sample in the set list of her concerts, paying tribute to her musical influences or incorporating new artists. Discover on the adjacent playlist some of the most emblematic songs included by the singer in her earlier tours.



See a selection of the coverage by Folha, since the early eighties, of Madonna’s tours.


Photos: Acervo Folha



Photo: Roger Corman

Photo of the singer taken in the Lower East Side region of New York.


In the song “Veni Vidi Vici”, from her latest album “Rebel Heart”, Madonna did the unthinkable: she took a look back at her past in the Big Apple, singing about her transformation from bohemian life in the Lower East Side to an international popstar. From the hovels where she lived when she first came to the city in the seventies to Madison Square Garden, where she will perform two concerts next week that will be covered by Folha, Madonna has come a long way. Check out the adjacent map to make a pilgrimage to all the key places frequented by Madonna in New York at the start of her career on her journey to stardom.


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When I go on tour, I like the rehearsal. I like the creation of everything. I like being able to wear my rehearsal clothes and be sweaty and not having to worry about how I look and just get into what it is I'm trying to say and do.





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