Rio in transformation

Since Rio de Janeiro was founded 450 years ago, it has been accustomed to great changes. But now, following the triumph of its bid for the Olympic Games of 2016, Rio is undergoing its biggest urban reform in decades. In this multimedia special, you will learn about the infrastructure projects, the promises for the legacy and the problems that are already manifest. You will also see how the current changes relate to the city’s history and how they affect the cariocas, the residents of Rio

The tour will depart from Barra da Tijuca, the epicenter of the Olympics and the infrastructure projects.

Heading towards downtown from West Rio, the Olympic procession will pass some of Rio’s main favelas –communities at the margins of the party and the promised benefits of the Games.

The downtown area is home to the port, another large area undergoing a multi-billion dollar revitalization, and the Guanabara Bay, which will not be cleaned up as had been promised.

The tour will pass through South Rio, exploring the life of the cariocas and the highlights of the city, before ending at Corcovado, from where we can have some perspective on the city and its prospects for the future.

Enjoy the trip.


The heart of the Games, and the area receiving most investment. But is the decision to head out west the correct one?

Cidade de Deus, Alemão and Maré

Will the transformation of Rio bring peace and better quality of life to the city's poor communities?


The Guanabara Bay is still polluted and it remains to be seen whether the renovation of the port will be successful. Will there be a legacy?

South Rio

The beaches, sports, samba, history, the carioca accent… How do the residents of the cidade maravilhosa think and live?


Will the Olympics really succeed in transforming the city? What will Rio be like after 2016?

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